Miller Wedding // Exploration Place // Wichita, KS

Exploration Place. Wichita, KS

For so many reasons, this wedding was simply incredible and I'll do my best to describe them here, but hopefully the photos speak louder than words!

I had met Micaela once for a coffee date before the wedding and Marshall was there via skype, but as soon as I arrived to the venue, I was treated like family by everyone! They welcomed me, shared with me, laughed with me, and genuinely engaged with me as a friend and guest, not just a hired professional. It was like that all day! I left feeling like a part of the family and with so many new friends. That's something that I'm truly thankful for and I will always remember about this wedding! 

Micaela was stunning!!! I remember one moment when the excitement was at an all time high, the bridesmaids were squealing at her beauty and giving her hugs and I heard her say "I just love Marshall so much!". It was adorable! She has a tattoo on her back (you'll see it in many photos) that means "she is strong" in French and it's a perfect way to describe Micaela. 

This was also the first wedding that I provided both photography and floral services! All the bouquets, boutonnieres, and head table florals were provided by me! I had so much fun creating and designing for Micaela's vision and helping out on their big day in more ways than one! 

Another one of my favorite moments was at the reception. After the usual dances, Micaela surprised her mom with a mother-daughter dance to Carrie Underwood's He is Good song and there was not a dry eye in the room (including mine!). Throughout all the toasts, hugs, dances and celebration, I could tell that Micaela and Marshall were SO loved by their people. It was so beautiful to witness and this will be one wedding I'll be thinking about for a long time!