Jaime & Nate // Date Night Photo Session // Oklahoma City, OK

Jaime & Nate are two of the brightest souls I know! Jaime and I grew up together in Wichita and when I heard that these two would be moving to OKC for Nate's dental schooling, I was so excited!! Once they settled in, I contacted them for a little photo session idea I've had which is a pizza & ice cream date night! I wanted to show these two some of the good foods that OKC has to offer and we wanted to double date at the same time! So, we took them to our favorite pizza place, Hall's Pizza Kitchen and had dinner together after taking some cute photos in Hall's gorgeous space! We ended the date night with ice cream from Kaiser's and aching cheeks from laughing so much! Jaime and Nate, OKC is better with you in it and we are happy to have you guys as friends! 

I included a cute photo of my husband, Dakota, eating ice cream at the end of this post! ;)