Kendall + Kirby Allen | The Barn at the Woods | Edmond, OK

October 16, 2016. It was a warm and very windy Sunday afternoon at The Barn at the Woods. With Kendall hidden behind a screen, their friends and family put on a church service in the barn that morning to focus everyone's minds on what the day was truly about. The morning progressed with makeup, hair, decorations, and sound testing. I watched the madness of the wedding setup unfold, all while keeping an eye on the bride and groom. Both of them never got caught up in what was happening around them, they were simply preparing in anticipation to meet their loved one at the alter. They were busy, excited and so ready. 

As Kendall walked herself down the aisle, we all thought of Tracy, who couldn't be there to walk his daughter himself, but his spirit and his memory was so present through the love that surrounded them. The ceremony was windy and the microphones made it hard to understand, but that didn't matter. Kirby couldn't keep his eyes off Kendall and the two were all smiles as they joined their lives together, surrounded by so many people who loved them both. 

The reception featured the couple's best friends from college serenading the guests, the Evoke coffee truck, and a dessert bar full of every kind of sweet treat you could imagine. Since both Kendall and Kirby are very musically talented and experienced, they took turns serenading each other as bride and groom in front of their friends and family. I can't think of a more fitting reception for these two! They were sent off with ribbon wands and tear-filled hugs as they thanked their family for such a beautiful day. After we left the reception, we pulled the limo over to a nearby field to give Kendall and Kirby the opportunity to soak up everything that just happened. They were finally husband and wife. 

I love you both very much and am so honored to have played a part in your day. Thank you for having me! Enjoy the photos! :)