Kimberly + Michael | Mount Scott, Wichita Mountains

A few months ago, I bought this dress online with a photo session idea in mind and a few weeks ago, I put out a model call for someone to wear this dress and bring their sweetie along for an adventure session. Kimberly was one of those who responded to my model call and I am so glad she did! I knew Michael from college, although we never really ran in the same circles, but I had never met Kimberly before! I just knew that they would be the perfect couple to fit my vision! We met out at the Wichita Mountains on a beautiful March evening and hit if off right away! 

We climbed really big rocks (props to Kimberly for doing it in a dress!), did a bit of hiking and these two said yes to every crazy idea I had! I got to learn about their story and we laughed A LOT! It didn't take long to love these two! I was a little sad when our session ended because I wanted to keep hanging out! I'm so glad that my job allows me to meet such wonderful people and photograph them in beautiful places! 

The best part? Well, besides these awesome images that we captured, I call these two friends now. In fact, Kimberly and I are getting coffee tomorrow night.

I freakin' love my job. :)