My Life as a Wedding Photographer in The Office Gifs

There are few things I love more than my job as a wedding photographer and one of those things is The Office. Here is a little glimpse into the world of wedding photographers as described by the best TV show of all time. Enjoy! 

When a client asks for all the RAW photo files. 

When you book your most expensive wedding package. 

When the dance floor is totally dead and you're trying to pump it up for good photos. 


When the wedding coordinator is too obsessed with the timeline that she's rushing everyone and everything, ruining any chances of a pleasant photo experience. 

When you finally get 5 minutes to take a bathroom break at the reception and you hear the DJ announce that they're going to cut the cake. 

Standing on chairs and climbing trees to get the perfect shot. 

When a client tells you they're on a budget, but that photography is super important to them and can't imagine anyone else shooting their wedding. 

When you get an inquiry for an awesome destination wedding, but you're already booked for that weekend. 

"Will you photoshop makeup on my face, smooth out all my wrinkles, fix my highlights and make me 20 pounds lighter?"

When you've been talking with your dream client that's getting married at an awesome venue and they decide to book a different photographer. 

When you have to edit out a blemish on someone's face in over 500 photos. 

Finding the motivation to work on all the sessions and weddings in your editing queue. 

Trying to get everyone in a group photo to look at the camera at the same time. 

When your editing program keeps freezing and you have to restart it, but it didn't save all your work. 

When a couple that didn't book you for their wedding because you were too expensive comes to you several months later to re-do their portraits because they weren't happy with their wedding photos. 

When a client says they'll pay me in "exposure" and "free advertising".

When your wedding client changes their profile picture to a crappy cell phone photo instead of one of the amazing sneak peeks you posted. 

Three words: Self Employment Taxes.

Trying to edit photos taken in awful lighting.

When the groomsmen are a little too comfortable with a woman in the room while they're getting ready. 

When you get a 5 star rating review.

When your clients totally ruin the quality of their beautiful photos that they paid good money for by printing them at a drugstore.  

When your friends get engaged and they ask you to shoot their wedding.

Trying to evoke emotion in your wedding couples. 

When your couple is getting married in the dead of winter, at 7:00 pm and they don't want to do a first look and golden hour photos are your specialty. 

When a client values your work and doesn't ask for a discount, but rather thinks you're not charging enough for your worth. 


When you go to weddings every other weekend and hear the same ten songs played at every reception, but you dance along anyways. 

When you get to work with the best couples on the happiest day of their lives and it's the best job ever. 

And lastly...