What is your shooting style?

I try to take a journalistic approach when it comes to my shooting style. I don't like to be in the way on your wedding day. You won't see me lugging huge, bulky gear from room to room setting up posed shots you've seen over and over again. I document the day as it unfolds, giving subtle cues to ensure beautiful photos. When it comes to portraits, I strive to give my couples time to breathe, soak it all in, and just be with other. Because that's what it's all about--you guys. I'll help you out with very natural poses if needed and keep you laughing and loving in the moment. You can read more about my philosophy when it comes to my work here. 

Where are you based? Do you travel? 

I am based in Oklahoma City, OK and heck yes I travel! My bags are packed and I am always willing to travel to you or with you, provided that my travel expenses are paid for! Let's go on an adventure together! 

Do you offer albums and prints? 

Yes! And I'm SO GLAD that you want to print your photos into tangible memories that will truly last forever. It makes me sad when my clients let their photos exist only in the digital realm--they were meant to be printed and shared! With your gallery, you will have the option to order prints and have them shipped straight to your door and each session comes with a print release to print at your favorite location, although my first and best recommendation will always be to print from your gallery--it's affordable and professional quality! If you're interested in an album, contact me! I create custom albums for your wedding or session that you'll be proud to display in your home! 

What is the best time of day for my session? 

My favorite time of day to shoot is about 1-2 hours before the sun sets. We photographers like to call this the "golden hour" because it's right when the sun emits a warm glow that is THE DREAM!

Do you bring backup gear? 

I always bring a backup camera and multiple lenses, batteries, and memory cards just in case! 

When can I expect my finished photos? 

The turn-around time for portrait sessions is 2-3 weeks and the turn-around time for weddings is 6-7 weeks. 

We like what we see, what's next? 

Shoot me an email using the contact form! I can't wait to hear from you and become partners in documenting your story!