I've developed my philosophy over the years, but it really solidified in the past year or so. I sat at my computer for hours thinking of how to word the following, typing and retyping to try and say it in the most cordial way. The truth is, my reason is heartbreaking. In June of 2014, my older brother, Kyle, passed away just before his 27th birthday. As you can imagine, my outlook on life has never been the same. I love a little deeper, I hug a little longer, I'm slower to judge, I cry a little more, and my longing for heaven is a little stronger. My outlook on photography has also changed. My family and I don't have many photos of Kyle from the last years of his life. The timing wasn't right, it wasn't always the correct setting, we were focused on other things. As with most families, photos just kind of fell to the wayside in our priorities. After Kyle died, the photos of him became precious treasures. I loved looking back at the cute little blonde haired boy giving bunny ears to my sisters and I, seeing his silly faces and ornery grins. It's the photos like these and the memories that they spark that keep me healing and keep me going. Kyle has given me a new passion behind my photography. I approach weddings and sessions differently now. I'm not just taking pretty pictures, I'm creating visual treasures. My focus isn't on the decorations, the outfits or the weather, it's on you and your people. I don't want you to wish you had more photos of someone, wish you hadn't waited until the timing was right to book that session, because you never know how long your loved ones will be here with you. Life is short and life is precious and I want to give you tangible memories & moments that you'll hold dear to your heart. 


As your photographer, I care about you. It's simple, really. I care about the people you hold dear to your heart, the memories you will make with them and preserving those moments forever. In my years of experience as a wedding photographer, and having planned a wedding of my own, I can tell you that the only thing that truly matters are the people loving and surrounding you and the commitment you are making to the love of your life. That's it. These are the things I care about. And I'll be honest with you, there are things I don't care about when it comes to weddings. I don't care for weddings that are all about the big production. I don't care how much money was spent. I don't care how it compares to other weddings you've seen online. Those things don't interest me one bit. What does interest me is your story, how you came to find the love of your life, how you've helped each other grow into the person you are today, how you want to start a family with them one day, how he does that little thing that annoys the heck out of you, but you wouldn't want to be annoyed by anyone else in the whole world. I'm all about weddings that are true celebrations of you and the love that you have found in each other, the ones that focus on the journey that brought you here and the future that you're going to build together. And I want to be there for you. Truly, I do. I want to help you with the planning, I want to be there for every moment on the big day, I want to help you display and preserve your photos once you've received the gallery and I want to continue being friends long after my photographer duties are finished.

I care that you see your wedding as a day that represents your love and the value of your marriage commitment, not a production that has to be validated by being featured on a popular wedding blog or magazine. As a frequent wedding attender, I pretty much know how the day will unfold, what usually happens, when to do what, but what never gets old is the unique story that each couple brings to the wedding rhythm. The details, the history, the beauty is all there and I get to watch it unfold in its own wonderful way. It's your love story and I'm going to capture it for you to cherish for years to come. I want you to be able to pass down your photos to your grandchildren and tell stories of your wedding day and being able to remember exactly how you felt in that beautiful, beautiful moment. 

I care about you. Because you have a story and it's incredibly significant.